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Sleeping Buddha Hike

The Hidden Valley Resort is nestled between a sacred hill and a ridge in the shape of a reclining Buddha. Situated amidst gurgling streams and luminous stands of mountain birch, the Resort provides direct access to these hiking trails. Routes can be adjusted to your preference, whether you seek a more leisurely or challenging hike.

Enroute, discover wild fauna and flora and savour stunning landscape views. When in season, forage for wild mushrooms and bamboo shoots in the hills as the villagers have done since their childhood. You will be led by our local staff, who will teach you how to identify edible mushrooms. Our resident chef can cook the edible mushrooms you have collected or include them in a delicious Tibetan hot pot.

Shika Mountain Hike

Regarded as holy by local Tibetans, Shika provides awe-inspiring views of mountain peaks stretching as far as the eye can see -- including the Jade Dragon Mountain, Meili Snow Mountain and Haba Snow Mountain. Experience the wonder of nature and religion as you pass by Tibetan prayer flags.

Hei Hu Black Lake Hike

Hei Hu, which means Black Lake, is a high-altitude sacred lake, surrounded by alpine forests. In April and May, villagers will hike to Hei Hu mountain to pray for blessings and a good harvest. During May and June, flowers cover the mountains. With its magical views and stunning blooms, the lake gets its name from the color of its water. In old times the water looked as black as ink due to the shadow cast by surrounding trees, hence its name, Black Lake.

Yika Mountain Hike

Suitable for avid hikers, the Yika Mountain trek is a challenging yet rewarding journey, offering some of the most gorgeous landscape views around. During your adventure, explore Tibetan nomad villages while enjoying the burbling brooks and ever-changing foliage.

The Hidden Valley Resort

Bisong Village, Jiantan Town, Shangri-la City,

Diqing  Prefecture, Yunnan Province 674400 China

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To ensure a cultural and adventure-rich experience in Shangri-la for our guests, The Hidden Valley Resort provides full board lodging, which includes accommodation, farm-to-table meals, guided activities in Shangri-la, airport transfers from Diqing Shangri-la airport.
Our full board rates are seasonal. To get a quote or make an enquiry, please email us here:

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