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Nixi is an idyllic ancient village, famous for its Tibetan black pottery unique to the region. The traditional pottery-making technique has lasted for thousands of years. Local pottery masters use only handmade wooden implements, without a potter’s wheel. Observe how they deftly pat and knead the clay, forming it into delicate pottery pieces in the same way that generations of their forebears have done.


You can opt to make your own black pottery in a local pottery master’s workshop. Please note that your pottery will need a few days to dry before being fired in the kiln.

The Hidden Valley Resort

Bisong Village, Jiantan Town, Shangri-la City,

Diqing  Prefecture, Yunnan Province 674400 China

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To ensure a cultural and adventure-rich experience in Shangri-la for our guests, The Hidden Valley Resort provides full board lodging, which includes accommodation, farm-to-table meals, guided activities in Shangri-la, airport transfers from Diqing Shangri-la airport.
Our full board rates are seasonal. To get a quote or make an enquiry, please email us here:

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