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The area is ideal for stargazing and astrophotography. On clear nights, be prepared to be enthralled as the night skies open up with shooting stars, milky way and the constellation laid bare for all to see. You can also relax and enjoy an oil painting session at the resort.  The valley’s gorgeous beauty will trigger the artistic instinct in you. 

As our guest, you can try riding on the resort’s resident horses. These are the same breed of horse used to transport tea along the Ancient Tea Horse trail (Chamagudao).

The Hidden Valley Resort

Bisong Village, Jiantan Town, Shangri-la City,

Diqing  Prefecture, Yunnan Province 674400 China

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To ensure a cultural and adventure-rich experience in Shangri-la for our guests, The Hidden Valley Resort provides full board lodging, which includes accommodation, farm-to-table meals, guided activities in Shangri-la, airport transfers from Diqing Shangri-la airport.
Our full board rates are seasonal. To get a quote or make an enquiry, please email us here:

Thank you for your interest in The Hidden Valley Resort. We will respond to you shortly.

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