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Discover Shangri-la, a mystical Tibetan enclave in China’s last frontier. Journey to The Hidden Valley Resort, the first glamping boutique resort in Shangri-la, Yunnan. The 7-hectare resort sits on sprawling meadows surrounded by majestic mountains. It unravels the beauty of the Himalayas, offering a unique travel experience at 3,160 metres above sea level – and is just 20 minutes from the Diqing Shangri-la Airport.


The Resort invites guests to rejuvenate, reawaken their senses, and experience the true essence of Tibetan life. Immerse yourself in a total cultural and adventure-rich experience. With full board lodging, we take care of everything from accommodation, farm-to-table meals, and guided activities to airport transfers. An itinerary will be designed for you by our Adventure Concierge -  tailored to your interests and the seasonal highlights. This way, you can enjoy total peace of mind as you explore Shangri-la.

Tibetan-Inspired Accommodation

Glamp in Tented Villas, inspired by the Tibetan nomadic lifestyle -- or stay in an authentic Tibetan Residence, a refurbished Tibetan home offering a peek into the local way of life.

Farm-to-Table Dining

Indulge in farm-fresh meals that celebrate seasonal flavours, with organic produce from the Resort’s own garden. Enjoy a fine selection of Tibetan highland barley liquor and award-winning Shangri-la beers.

Unique Experiences

Explore China’s last frontier. A gateway into Tibet, Shangri-la’s exotic culture, hiking trails and surreal landscapes offer both exciting exploration and serenity.

Adventure Concierge

Choose from a wide range of unique experiences and guided activities, designed by the Resort’s Adventure Concierge team.

"Local guide Sonam Gelek is one of Shangri-la's secret treasures."  - The Telegraph



"Paradise Found - Shangri-La is the name of a fictional utopia in a 1933 novel. The real Shangri-La, Zhongdian county in Yunnan province lives up to the reputation."

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Lee Siew Hua, Travel Correspondent from The Straits Times


"Cultural immersion

is a central part of the activities" 

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Silkwinds, the inflight magazine of SilkAir

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"The Hidden Valley Resort was a truly memorable experience quite unlike anything else I have experienced to date."

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Jensen Chua,

JetBlogger of Jetabout Holidays

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zaobao for webpage.jpg

"Besides meals and accommodation, the resort has thoughtfully mapped out the itineraries for guests. This includes guided activities and airport transfers, which allow guests to relax and explore Shangri-la fuss-free. "


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Esther Yiu, Lifestyle Correspondent from Lianhe Zaobao

nuyou for webpage.jpg

"Glamping- the unique way to experience Shangri-la."

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Shi Min,

Lifestyle Writer from nuyou Singapore


"I marvelled at the unbelievably over-the-top --- almost to the point of garish-vibrant colours around me. So vibrant were they that I was a little worried that readers of the National Geographic magazine would think I had over photoshopped the files."

Michael Yamashita,

National Geographic photographer

"Traditions are respected and local ways incorporated at The Hidden Valley Resort."

Jeff Fuchs, award-winning Himalayan explorer and author of The Ancient Tea Horse Road

(May'19) U magazine feature (HK)-scanned

"Guests can choose to glamp in Tented Villas, inspired by the nomadic Tibetan lifestyle or stay in a Tibetan Residence, a 

150-year old traditional Tibetan house.

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U Magazine, Hong Kong


"Explore the resort's pristine landscape while riding on a Tibetan horse.

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The Straits Times

“Shangri-la’s first glamping resort is conceived as a home away from home…The small resort - with 14 tents and rooms in total- is focused on bringing authentic Tibetan experiences to its guests.”

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Silkroad, inflight magazine of Cathay Dragon

The Hidden Valley Resort

Bisong Village, Jiantan Town, Shangri-la City,

Diqing  Prefecture, Yunnan Province 674400 China

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Contact Us

To ensure a cultural and adventure-rich experience in Shangri-la for our guests, The Hidden Valley Resort provides full board lodging, which includes accommodation, farm-to-table meals, guided activities in Shangri-la, airport transfers from Diqing Shangri-la airport.
Our full board rates are seasonal. To get a quote or make an enquiry, please email us here:

Thank you for your interest in The Hidden Valley Resort. We will respond to you shortly.

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