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Stroll through the yak-oil lit passageways and great halls of Little Potala Palace, the biggest Tibetan Buddhism monastery in Yunnan -- or discover the charming and less-travelled Dong Zhu Lin Monastery.

Little Potala Palace,

Sumtseling Monastery

Visit the spectacular gold-roofed Sumtseling Monastery -- also known as Little Potala Palace -- established by the Fifth Dalai Lama in 1679. This is the biggest Tibetan Buddhist monastery in Yunnan province. Built in the style of The Potala Palace, Sumtseling Monastery represents the Tibetan culture, housing Buddhist statues and many precious cultural treasures. It is home to about 700 Yellow Hat monks. Here, you will witness the serenity and discipline of monastery life, the magnificence of the assembly halls, and the sheer power of the Buddhist Tibetan religion.

Dong Zhu Lin Monastery

Built in 1667, Dong Zhu Lin Monastery, is perched on a steep mountain ridge with magnificent views. Housing about 300 monks, Dong Zhu Lin Monastery contains many incredible Tibetan Buddhism relics, frescoes, mandalas and sculptures. Situated in Benzilan town, Dong Zhu Lin is a delightful discovery with its own appeal and “hidden gem” charm.

The Hidden Valley Resort

Bisong Village, Jiantan Town, Shangri-la City,

Diqing  Prefecture, Yunnan Province 674400 China

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To ensure a cultural and adventure-rich experience in Shangri-la for our guests, The Hidden Valley Resort provides full board lodging, which includes accommodation, farm-to-table meals, guided activities in Shangri-la, airport transfers from Diqing Shangri-la airport.
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